Bennet de Klerk: Bush Guru, Guides’ Mentor and Specialist Wilderness Trails Guide, at your service!

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Since 1989, Bennet de Klerk has always been sharing his knowledge of The African Bush with others. Either as a guide or guide trainer, his passion has always been opening people’s senses to perceive what Nature is telling us.
Be it in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia or South Africa, the endless savannah has always been his natural habitat. Having grown up on a farm far from any city, he never cared much for the lights and noise of The Big Smoke. Instead, his playmates were the snakes, bugs, birds and wild mammals of the vast plains.
Through the years, sharing with others what Nature is telling us has become his mission. Even as humanity is fast eradicating the natural habitats of the world, our souls are yearning to re-connect.
Bennet de Klerk knows how to help YOU make that connection.
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So if you wish to experience The Bush through the senses of someone really in tune with it, really knowledgeable, someone who really knows how to explain it so it all makes sense… Book a Bush experience with Bennet de Klerk, the Bush Whisperer.

You will see the most fascinating things, hidden in plain sight from those who have not learnt how to see before. You will learn to understand the messages spoken, often softly, by the wind, the trees, the birds, the tracks and signs of the wild creatures. You will transform from spectator to participant in the endless pulse of The Wild. You will be alive. You will understand.

See it, hear it and feel it as did your earliest ancestors. Because Bennet de Klerk is not just another knowledgeable guide. He is a part of the African Bush. (He does also hold a BA (UOFS), a Certificate in Zoology (UNISA), HED and FGASA Specialist Field Guide SKS (Dangerous Game), as well as Tracker Level 3)


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Come leave footprints in The Bush with Bennet… Because leaving footprints is the only way to get to know The Bush!

You can book anything from a five-hour Bush or Mountain Trail to a multi-day safari experience, for one to eight persons. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on foot – “The only way to get to know The Bush, is to leave your footprints there”

Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll work out an itinerary to suit your needs!

Rehabiliting a caracal: She now lives independant and free in the mountain...

Rehabiliting a caracal: She now lives independant and free in the mountain…

See you soon… Let’s go leave some footprints!

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