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Tracks and Signs Workshop and Assessment 2019

The tracks and signs workshop is a 2-day preparation for the assessment open to all wildlife enthusiasts whether you wish to do the assessment or merely learn more about the signs and stories animals leave us t
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Mentored hours and encounters with Bennet de Klerk!

Attention, Trails Guides! In need of mentored hours and encounters? Join me, Bennet de Klerk, on the real thing. Get the hours and encounters, but most of all, the mentoring you need. With 25 years of leading t
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2020 Dates! Now with THREE Trails/Mentored Hours Courses!

We are excited to announce our 2020 dates for the exciting, “New Look” Motsumi courses! You can start booking RIGHT NOW… In other great news… All bookings confirmed with a 50% deposit by
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What is success? Maybe… the freedom of a cat?

A few years ago, an orphaned baby caracal had the luck to find her way into our family. The reason I say “luck”, despite the obvious misfortune she suffered from losing her mother, is that there was
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Stand by you Man!

There is a type of silence, in Africa, which speaks louder than the loudest noise. But, being silence, it is heard only by those who have lived in the African Bush for long enough to understand its language. Th
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Whispers of The Bush: Listen and live!

July, 1999. I have three guests on trail; my back-up, Doug, quite experienced. The venue: Leeufontein. An area where you need to really stay focused: Dense, frequented by black rhino, on a major elephant and li

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