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What is success? Maybe… the freedom of a cat?

A few years ago, an orphaned baby caracal had the luck to find her way into our family. The reason I say “luck”, despite the obvious misfortune she suffered from losing her mother, is that there was
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Stand by you Man!

There is a type of silence, in Africa, which speaks louder than the loudest noise. But, being silence, it is heard only by those who have lived in the African Bush for long enough to understand its language. Th
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Don’t be caught napping… BOOK NOW FOR 2018… At 2015 prices!

One of life’s sad realities is that prices always go up… At MOTSUMI, we have managed to hold on to the same prices for nearly three years… Unfortunately, though, our expenses have not returned
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Whispers of The Bush: Listen and live!

July, 1999. I have three guests on trail; my back-up, Doug, quite experienced. The venue: Leeufontein. An area where you need to really stay focused: Dense, frequented by black rhino, on a major elephant and li
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Bennet de Klerk, Private Nature Trails Guide

Bennet de Klerk: Bush Guru, Guides’ Mentor and Specialist Wilderness Trails Guide, at your service! Since 1989, Bennet de Klerk has always been sharing his knowledge of The African Bush with others. Either as
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Advanced Field Guide NQF2: What makes you “Advanced”?

What is the difference between an NQF2 (“Level1”) Field Guide, and an “Advanced Field Guide NQF4 (“Level 2”)? Apart from the log books, the electives, the exam – how does you

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